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Whatever circumstances lead to our clients’ arrest, we provide the bail bonds they need to get out of jail in Allen, TX. At A-Able II Bail Bonds, we’re known for securing our clients’ release as soon as they are eligible. Don’t lose time by calling another bondsman. Our many years of experience have given us the insight to maneuver through the bail posting process efficiently and without delay.

If you’re posting bail for a friend or loved one, you don’t want to lose a single minute. Wasting time in a jail cell is no way for someone to get ready for any pending criminal proceedings in court. Seeking out the appropriate legal counsel should be at the forefront of their concerns. When you need an instant response, we’re the service for you. Trust us to post bail promptly and affordably when someone you know has wound up on the wrong end of the law.


Fast Response & Affordable Payment Plans


When someone you know has been arrested, the last thing you want to do is sit around doing nothing. You want to make sure that person is okay and figure what happened that caused them to get locked up. That’s why you need us for the bail services you can rely on to get out of jail sooner. Our convenient location allows us prompt access to:


Collin County Jail

Hopkins County Jail

Rains County Jail

Wood County Jail

Our company is the trustworthy bond service provider you can count on for fast release and affordable payment plans. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible when someone you know has gotten into some trouble and needs help.


Bail Bonds for Misdemeanor & Felony Charges

We are familiar with how all of the local holding facilities operate. Our experience allows us to operate quickly when confronting these institutions, so you don’t have to lose time getting the person you care about free again. With our client-focused approach, we stand out as the area’s leading bail bond company.


The hours following an arrest are frightening and confusing, but we do our utmost to streamline the release process so you and your loved one can regroup and figure out your next move in our legal system. Whether you need federal, county, or city bail bonds, we’re company you need to call for the fastest, most affordable results.


Contact us at (469) 907-4149 for help getting your friend or family member out of jail. We provide affordable bail bonds in the Allen, Texas, area, including McKinney, Frisco, and Plano.